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Name Daiquiri // Sheryl Nome
Age Seventeen... maybe...
Team Emerald

Height/Build 165cm (5'5) // 54kg (120lbs)
Hair Color/Eye Color Blonde and pink // blue
Notable Traits Noneeeee at the moment... she has empty piercings for earrings? Her eyes are weirdly sensitive to light. According to one source, her blood type is Oh/Bombay, which fits with her grandmother's transfusion issues in Macross Zero, except that then Sheryl is explicitly seen getting blood transfusions from Ranka in "Wings of Farewell" so idk if it comes up I'll handwave it with "Aather magic I ain't gotta explain shit."
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I hate Googling lyrics all the time (even if the first hit is usually my LJ Sheryl journal) so I am keeping them here as they're regained.

In 2008/2009 I really liked singing this stuff in the car and messed with the translations to make less accurate but more singable versions for some of the songs. I've put in a note in most of the songs where I've screwed with the lyrics!

It's long, long goodbye. )
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335 / Raven / magazine page
Sitting around watching Fire Bomber documentaries as produced by superdimensional rock fans

338 / Mal / strawberry tart
Childhood medical trauma with Grace (pre-canon; series)

342 / Peter Cottontail / rose-shaped chocolate
"I'm... not going to sing anymore" (at the Saotome estate; Episode 19)

345 / Three of Three / slipknot
Vajra I: Bugs in the brain


sheryl now has alien bacteria living in her brain. the alien bacteria are slowly poisoning her. however, the alien bacteria contain a small gem called "fold quartz" that amplifies her music and emotion across space-time. in canon, this is important because the attacking alien species also has fold crystal in it, so her music and emotions resonate and the aliens can understand her feelings when she sings, in a very general sense. technically it's SCIENCE not magic (and the bacteria and the toxin will both show up on a sufficiently advanced medical scan), but it's so science-fantasy that you can have your character handle it however you want if they would pick up on something like that.

346 / Dionysus / grape juice (4x)
"Sheryl Nome is going to die" (Grace sucks; Mihael and Klan; falling over in the rain; Episode 18)
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handless faith, 319, two apple-shaped hard candies
• Chill domestic interlude (… and getting drunk; Episode 23)
Alto and Sheryl are having a not-so-secret fling ("Ohhhh~ So you have to hide the fact that you’re together with me?"). They're making dinner but Sheryl cuts herself so Alto does everything. Alto is a great waifu. Sheryl gets drunk and demands to be carried but, mostly, just doesn't want Alto to leave ("Stay by my side forever...")

dionysus, 321, small arrow (five uses)
• Gallia-4 to Frontier (searching for Alto and Ranka; battle; herp derp fail pilot; Episode 13+14)
Sheryl bullies Mihael into letting her go out in his two-seater Valk to look for Alto and Ranka. Vajra come. The planet explodes. Mihael and Sheryl wind up getting sucked-folded back to Frontier in the middle of a battle and crashing. Mihael passes out and Sheryl tries and fails to fly the Valkyrie. They both end up ejecting and getting picked up by Luca. Sheryl is concerned about Alto as he goes back out into the battle to find Ranka ("Alto… You have to come back in one piece. Promise me you won’t die.").

giving tree, 324, dried apple slices (three)
• "Let's end this lovers' game" (a non-confession before the final battle; Episode 24)
Alto is going on an important mission, and comes to see Sheryl in her dressing room. Sheryl refuses to tell Alto that she loves him.

Let’s end the lovers’ game here. [ She kisses him. ] Don’t say anything. If you say it now, no matter what you say, I… won’t be able to sing. That’s why… Don’t say anything. When everything is over, you can tell me the rest. That’s why… It’s why, Alto, save Ranka-chan. Once you’ve done that, I’ll hear out the rest. Make sure to come back. You hear me, Alto? [...] Remember… you’ll rarely find a woman as wonderful as me.

guinevere, 329, multiperson glove thing
• Hobo time (pre-canon; series)
As a young girl (maybe starting around four or five and ending around six or seven), Sheryl was a homeless orphan on the streets of the Galaxy fleet who survived by dumpster-diving. It was incredibly isolating and lonely to be completely ignored on the fringes of society, staring at lit windows and wanting a place to be and people who gave a shit about her.
The experience imprinted a fear of being left alone on her. Galaxy, in contrast to Frontier, is a hyper-industrialized and aggressively ugly fleet, so her memory of it have a grimy, super-urban feel to it.
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Persephone, 299, cracked chestnut (four uses)
• "What do you like about Sheryl?" (recruiting Ranka to find Alto; episode 2)

Mulan, 301, snap pea
• Skill: Average domestic skills

Hansel and Gretel, 305, jungle slime (one use)
• What ‘bout my star? (hospital sing-off; Episode 15)

Goldie, 310, lipstick
• Skill: Movie discography

Mal, 311, idk
• Frontier live! (arrival at Frontier; Sheryl on stage; an abrupt ending; Episode 1)
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293 / Goldie / handmirror (four times)
Ranka Attack (sneaking out of the hospital; NUNS bridge; Episode 16)

294 / Dream / edible ginger gears (four uses)
Vocal training with Grace; Bomber! (pre-canon; series+CD drama)

??? / Gingerbread Witch / vial of liquid (unlimited uses)
• Farewell, Frontier (concert prep; return of a good luck charm; Episode 6))

297 / Merlin / Necco wafer (one use)
My chest is different than yours (inviting Alto to Gallia-4; Episode 11)

297 / Nimue / crystal (one use)
➢ Star date (Sheryl’s day off; Episode 5)
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Memory: "Just a kiss" (Birdhuman filming and premiere; Episode 10)
Day won: 292
Game runner: Dorian
Form: Foil-wrapped lips

It’s not a big deal. It’s just a kiss. )

+ The movie that they’re filming is actually an in-universe production of the real-world OVA Macross Zero. As much as I love Macross Zero, I can’t be assed to watch it right now, so here is the rundown: a deserted alien ship crashes on Earth, causing a global war between an attempted worldwide union and people who don’t want to join it – the “UN Wars” (yes that’s UN like United Nations). The movie takes place in 2008, following a UN pilot named Shin Kudo. Ambushed by one of the first transforming jets, he crash lands on the remote Mayan Island. There he meets Sara and Mao Nome, the last of a long line of island priests/priestesses with a weird connection to this underwater alien space ship/living thing?/who knows/protoculture called the “Birdhuman.” There’s a love triangle between Shin and the sisters. Both sides of the conflict are drawn to Mayan Island to try and take control of the Birdhuman. In the final battle, Sara sort of assimilates with the Birdhuman and it looks like maybe the Birdhuman is about to destroy Earth because humanity isn’t ready for spaceflight and might take war to the stars, but Sara something something makes the Birdhuman teleport away in a burst of blue light, saving the world. Shin’s plane is about to crash into the ocean, but all of a sudden he hears Sara and the Mayans’ song, her spectral hands fold over his, and his jet is surrounded by blue light and zooms straight up into the sky and disappears.
+ Sheryl apparently never goes “huh those chicks have the same last name as me.” (Mao is her grandmother, which she doesn’t know in TV continuity, but does in movie continuity.)
+ Oh god all the Alto tsun. Oh god Ranka is a romantic rival isn’t she. Oh god Alto you’re so cute. Tsun tsun dere dere dere dere.
+ Songs remembered: Gira Gira Summer (I shit you not, apparently this is the song Sheryl originally wrote for Sara because she zoned out in the planning meeting and just heard “tropical island”), the full version of Aimo ~Tori no Hito~.
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Memory: A pair of specialty tuna rolls (emergency evac mishaps; Episode 3)
Day won: 289
Game runner: Old Joe
Form: Bone disk, scratch, two uses

Can’t you say something like ‘I can easily protect a couple of scared girls’? )

+ So I marked this as a trivial negative, but it’s actually kind of positive in Aather right now. Sheryl gets into a dangerous situation, but it turns out alright.
+ Much more likely to be proactive in dangerous situations.
+ Holy fuck Vajra are freaky holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck.
+ She has memories of being more deredere for Alto but this memory is all tsunnnnnn from both of them…
+ Oops will actually not be alright with dudes in the hot springs with her anymore, but +10 willingness to fluster people with her sexuality so long as she's completely in control of it. I COULD WRITE A LOT ABOUT SHERYL AND HER BOOBS but basically it boils down to, she's completely comfortable flaunting her sexuality when she feels secure and in control -- Star Date, "my chest is different than yours," and "Just for tonight..." all show that pretty clearly. But when it's involuntary or she's unsure of what's going on, she lashes out.
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Nyan Fro (OST 1) Liner Notes

in-universe commentary )

Nyan Tama (Full Vocal Collection) Liner Notes

OST 1 interview with Yoko Kanno and Shoji Kawamori

Yoko Kanno Official Complete Book interview

qt may'n interview

("When I sing with Megumi, I have to sing like Sheryl and Ranka. Ranka admires Sheryl in the Macross world so I have to act like older sister. I have always admired Fukuyama-san and Sheryl also admires Basara in the Macross Universe (laughs). Therefore in duet with Fukuyama-san, the singing would be an expression of admiration of a younger sister. Fans in Japan are very happy with the duet performances for tomorrow concert. Both Megumi and Fukuyama are real professionals so I enjoy working with both of them very much.")

may'n blogs re: pink monsoon and tenshi ni naricchatta

galaxy memory and slum times

more galaxy memory

grace was having an affair with ranka's dad

sheryl facing problems promoting herself after galaxy goes away :(

Ranka who has been sulking since she realized that Alto loves Sheryl is slapped into action by an inter-dimensional apparition of Hikaru; he tells her that she HAS to sing for the sake of the galaxy. She runs to the SMS hangar to find Sheryl waiting to launch in her 2 seater, sound booster equipped VF-25, which has had it's autopilot replaced with a non-psychotic copy of Sharon Apple.

final blog entry: 'the real sky'

On the right is just a basic description of Sheryl, stating how she held the top of the charts with her songs for the past 17 times. Although as a person, she has a lot of pride, but initially lacking coordination in terms of her speech and attitude (we seen this since the first episode). Her memories of her family is almost forgotten, thus her earrings, left to her by her mother, is most important.

let's study english
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Memory: Slice of life career success on Galaxy (pre-canon; blog+headcanon)
Day won: 22
Game runner: Odette
Form: plain cloth mask in your team color (white for Sterling, black for Onyx). Put it on to get the memory

This memory is a load of slice-of-life snippets from ~October 2058 to March 2059 covering a period when Sheryl is popular and being a ridiculous celebrity on Galaxy (she's been a hit since at least 2057 when her third album dropped). Late October/early November 2058 is when her single “Sagittarius 9PM Don’t Be Late” drops and she starts breaking records (also her fanbase splits over "people who liked her before it came out" and "people who liked her after" lol). Generallyyyyyy her time in this period is spent doing a lot of singing, recording, odd promotional events, and blogging about her weirder exploits:

blog summaries: 'SUBJECT: I'M AWESOME' )

translated blog entries after the cut )

+ "I am so fucking famous"
+ "I can get away with so much crazy shit"
+ "I work so hard and I am awesome"
+ Positive experiences with Galaxy, which gives some context to the conversation about Galaxy being lost and Sheryl's faith in the fleet in her starter memory
+ In theory this memory should contain "Diamond Crevasse" and "Welcome to My Fanclub's Night" since apparently she performs them at every single concert, but /handwave, I'd rather have them make a big impact later.
+ Songs remembered: Pink Monsoon, Tenshi ni Nacchatta (her very first single!)
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Memory: Farewell, Galaxy (concert; Infinity #7; battle; Episode 7)
Day won: 281
Game runner: Hatter
Form: “a card. Trade with someone else to view their memory—then trade back to view yours. Single exchange use only”

If a pilot’s job is fighting… then my job is to sing! )

+ This has fixed a lot of Sheryl’s weird powerlessness issues from getting “Fastest Delivery” back out of place/context.
+ She knows her name!
+ And her own voice! And she is for sure a professional singer! There’s going to be a more definite joy to the way she approaches singing now – before it was a matter of “I’m pretty sure I was supposed to sing, and bad things happened when I couldn’t,” and a sense of duty and rivalry driving her move to learn music. But now she has the actual joy of being on stage herself. (“ I love the moment of silence before going on stage. That tranquil moment before the curtain goes up. The way my heart pounds when the intro starts. My song shakes the air as its brilliant waves flow on. And the audience’s energy supports me! It’s a wild torrent that takes me through the galaxy itself! I’m a slave of the stage. But I regret nothing. That place is so amazing!”)
+ And singing with Ranka is okay!
+ GIANT ROBOTS FIGHTING MONSTERS IN SPACE EXPLOSIONS? She’s worried about “Galaxy” which is something she was worried about in the starting memory (well, pretending not to be worried about). “Frontier” seems to be the place she’s at.
+ Songs remembered: Iteza Gogo Kuji Don’t Be Late, What ‘Bout My Star?, Infinity
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Memory: Gallia-4 revolt (blargh I’m sick; Episode 12)
Day won: 279
Game runner: Kitsune
Form: dog's tooth on a thong; prick yourself with the tip to view the memory; three uses

Kira~! )

+ The thing that made her important enough to judge a beauty pageant (and get the red carpet treatment from a load of giant dudes) is probably singing?
+ She really wanted to give Alto that present.
+ A feeling of absolute powerlessness at being saved? Upstaged? by Ranka, who was a nobody just two memories ago. Daiquiri does not have the wellspring of confidence necessary to handle this atm.
+ Songs remembered: Seikan Hikou, Aimo ~ Tori no Hito.
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Memory: Miss Macross! (kyuun kyuun; Episode 4)
Day won: 278
Game runner: Snow Queen
Form: Ice with aurora; unlimited

Kyuun kyuun, kyuun kyuun )

+ Small behavioral adjustment… Sheryl is very reserved and poised through this memory.
+ Knowledge that she’s important…! But not what she’s important for…! Maybe singing, since that’s what Ranka did?
+ Songs remembered: “My Boyfriend Is A Pilot”

Memory: The cellphone game (blog)
Day won: 278
Game runner: Mulan
Form: Two paper dolls, torn apart with a friend

Sheryl's invented a game in which they gather all the staff members' cell phones and stack them into a tower. Then they start calling each phone and whoever owns the phone that causes the tower to collapse loses. The punishments are kept secret because "it is more scary that way." Then she blogs about it.

+ So much for that behavioral adjustment. This memory is a bundle of ridiculousness and capriciousness.


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